How to Save Money on Your Heating Costs This Winter

While it may not get very cold during the winter in Fort Lauderdale, FL, there will still be times when you will need to use the heat in your home. Some nights, it can get rather cold and you want to stay nice and warm inside while not spending a lot of money. To save money on your heating costs this year, use these tips.

Check and Update Your Weatherstripping

One of the biggest culprits of lost heat from inside your home is poor or old weatherstripping. If you can see the light from outside through the cracks in your door or windows when the door is closed, then you are losing valuable heat. You should consider replacing these with new weatherstripping so you can keep the cold air out and keep the heat in. You will also save money because your heater will not have to work as hard.

Use Your Fireplace

If you are one of the few people who has a fireplace in Florida, take advantage of it during the colder nights and give your heater a rest. It is less expensive to use your fireplace for heat and you can even get a lovely, cozy night out of it. Everyone loves spending time by the fire and it is an added bonus that you can save money on your heating costs at the same time. If you do not have a fireplace, you may even consider having one brought in and save money in the long run. 

Make sure you are protected no matter what happens this winter by having a great home insurance policy. If you do not already have one in place, be sure to contact our office serving Fort Lauderdale, FL. We can get you a quote that meets your needs and your budget.