Why Do I Need Auto Insurance in Florida?

Before you head out on the road with your vehicle in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, FL, purchasing auto insurance is required by law to avoid potential fines, tickets, and penalties (whether you are pulled over or involved in an automobile crash). Understanding why auto insurance is required for the state of Florida is necessary to avoid issues whenever you are driving with others on the road. 

Limited Liability Auto Insurance Coverage

The most important type of auto insurance that is legally required in Florida is a limited liability policy. Both bodily injury and property damage are covered for any drivers of your vehicle when on the road. When you are involved in an accident, limited liability coverage protects you from becoming personally responsible for any potential damage or injuries you have caused.

Collision/Comprehensive Insurance

With collision insurance, cover any damage done to your vehicle when in an accident. Comprehensive coverage is more extensive, protecting you against everything from weather damage to theft and road accidents. 

Medical Payment Coverage

When you want to protect yourself, and other drivers from medical bills and fees, obtaining medical payment coverage is highly advisable. Anyone involved in an auto accident while in your vehicle is eligible to have their medical bills (and in some cases, funeral expenses) covered with the policy you have in place. 

With Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC, get the auto coverage you need and can afford with any budget to ensure you are driving safely and legally at all times. Comparing types of auto insurance coverage and your options is a way to move forward with the right solution for your needs and the needs of your entire household. 

For more information about auto insurance available to you in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, FL, contact Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC for a quote today.