Auto Insurance Laws in Florida

Florida’s roads are filled with various types of drivers. In fact, the state trails behind only California and Texas (as of a 2016 report) when it comes to total number of licensed drivers, and this isn’t even considering the fact that Florida also happens to host large quantities of driving tourists from other states every year. It is, therefore, highly important for every Florida driver to have proper auto insurance, but what exactly does the law say? If you live in the Tampa, FL area, the experts at Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC are here to help. Here’s what you need to know about state insurance laws:

State Requirements

All drivers must display proof of auto insurance (in the state of Florida) when registering their vehicle at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The minimum requirements are $10,000 in coverage for Property Damage Liability (also known as PDL coverage) and $10,000 in coverage for Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Now, it is also important to realize the Florida DMV may also ask you to show proof of additional auto insurance coverage, such as that for Body Injury Liability (BIL) if your driving record shows you have already committed certain offenses. 

Getting Protected

Making sure you have the right auto insurance coverage can certainly seem like an intimidating process, but the experienced staff at Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC are here to make everything go smoothly. Serving the Tampa, FL area and beyond, our experts will make sure your policy meets all state requirements and fits your specific needs. In addition to the required coverages mentioned above, we can also help you get further protection with collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage add-ons (for those who are interested). After all, nobody can predict exactly what will happen with so many drivers on the road. But if you have a good insurance policy, there’s no need to worry.