How many commercial insurance policies does a small business need?

You need to start protecting your small business before the first time you open your doors. But it is important to have enough protection without getting unnecessary coverage that will cost your company extra money.

At Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC, we regularly assist small business owners in Fort Lauderdale, FL who want to be able to spend their days on important work. They know that if there is an accident or another unfortunate event, they don’t need to worry.

Minimal Coverage

Every business needs at least General Liability and Property Insurance. The property insurance will cover the physical building and the items contained within and may be either for a property owner or renter, depending on the situation. Liability insurance will protect your business in case of an accident, like if someone falls while on the premises.

This basic coverage can usually be combined to save money, in a Business Owner’s Policy. You may be able to save money by having all your insurance through one provider, too.

Other Kinds of Coverage You May Need

Professional Liability insurance will cover mistakes caused by errors or omissions in your services or products. A Commercial Auto Insurance policy may be necessary if you use vehicles for work purposes.

You may need Workers’ Compensation Insurance if you have employees so that they will be taken care of if they become ill or injured while in your employ. To ensure that you have protection if your business is ever temporarily shut down, you can obtain a Business Income Insurance policy.

If you are unsure about how much insurance you need, call Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC and let us know what your Fort Lauderdale, FL needs. We can help find the coverage that best meets your needs.