What Sort of Disasters Are Covered Under Renters Insurance?

Fort Lauderdale, FL residents are not required by law to purchase a renters insurance policy, but many are compelled to do so by their landlords. It is commonly thought that landlords are responsible for property damage, but this only extends to the walls and permanent fixtures in the structure. Their insurance likely does not apply to your items, and this is where renters insurance comes in. 

What Disasters are Covered?

Policies can vary, but overall, they will tend to cover broken items from hailstorms, and they will provide indemnification if your unit should be affected due to a fire. Smoke can also create staining on carpets and curtains and can ruin clothing, all of which should be safeguarded through your insurance. 

Damages due to rain and subsequent leaking are generally included, though issues pertaining to flooding is usually excluded. Renters would need to purchase a flood insurance plan from FEMA as provided through your insurance provider. Overflowing water, for example, from a washing machine that destroys your possessions is often covered, though it does have to be accidental. 

Windstorms can also fall under your policy plan, however, issues pertaining to earthquakes will generally be covered separately under their own plan. Your policy may protect against broken windows and vandalism, and renters personal liability protection can pay for expenses related to falls or other injuries inflicted accidentally on guests in your home. This can extend to lost wages while recovering and to costs incurred if your pet should bite someone. 

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