What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

You’ve just bought a new car or you’re about to buy one and you’re searching for the best insurance policy to purchase. At Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we will advise you to consider comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

We understand that you’ll like to know exactly what this insurance covers. So, we have outlined them below. Generally, the insurance provides coverage for accidents or damages that were caused by events beyond your control


If your car gets stolen after making conscious efforts to secure it, you may receive funds to replace it. 

Explosions, riots, fire, and vandalism

An explosion may not be a common occurrence in America but comprehensive insurance has you covered. I addition comprehensive coverage includes riots and vandalism as they often go together. We don’t really need to say much about fire. You know how destructive wildfires can be. So, it is necessary to protect your vehicle against fire. 

Damage by falling objects

A falling tree limb or another object can land on your car or your windshield. If such an object damages your car, who will you blame? Who’ll be responsible? Absolutely nobody. That’s why we’ll like to be responsible for such accidents. If you purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy through us, you’ll only need to file a claim and we’ll work with your insurance company to get you paid. 

Natural disasters

Earthquakes, floods, strong wind, or storms can damage vehicles and other properties. It could happen anytime. Besides, it is needless to remind you that Florida is prone to hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters. Which is why it is important to protect your automobile from natural disasters?

Accidents with animals 

This insurance policy also protects you against accidents with animals.

For more information about comprehensive auto insurance, you can reach out to Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL anytime.