The Importance of Collision and Comprehensive Coverages

While it may seem tempting to obtain just the state minimum auto insurance, this blog explains why you need comprehensive and collision, too. We know. It seems that auto insurance costs quite a bit sometimes but here at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC, we want you to understand why you should include comprehensive and collision insurance coverages on your auto policy.

Collision Coverage Protections

The state minimum insurance requirements only protect the other drivers and pedestrians. You need collision and comprehensive to protect your vehicle from damage from accidents you cause that damage your vehicle and storm or fire damage to your vehicle.

For example, a deer runs out in front of your car while you drive the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, FL. You slam on the brakes, but the deer does serious damage. Collision coverage pays for the car repairs. Handy since deer carry no insurance.

Your collision coverage also covers damage from hitting a mailbox, fence, driving into the garage door, hitting a parked car, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage Protections

A hail storm hits while you have to park outside. Dents cover your vehicle. Your comprehensive coverage pays for the repairs.

Your comprehensive coverage also covers damage from other common named perils, including thunderstorms, lightning, hurricane, fire, tornado, etc. It also covers the loss of your vehicle if it gets stolen.

Contact Fort Lauderdale, FL’s Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC to learn more about the many coverages of auto insurance. Roadside assistance and personal injury protection (PIP) offer important coverage options, too. Let us help you determine which coverage types you most need and help you locate affordable options. Call us today!