Does Home Insurance Cover My Detached Garage?

If you own a home in Oakland Park, FL, you may wonder if your home insurance policy covers the detached garage from your property. The answer to this question depends on the coverage type included in your policy.

Types of Coverage 

The most common types of coverage for detached garages include: 

  • Building & Contents – This coverage includes the garage’s physical structure and contents, such as furniture, tools, and equipment. It also covers repairs or replacement should any damage occur due to fire, theft, or other disasters. 
  • Liability – Liability coverage shields you from any claims brought against you by third parties in case of physical or property damage on your premises related to your garage operations.
  • Loss of Use – This type of coverage helps to cover expenses related to temporary housing should your detached garage become unusable due to a covered loss such as a fire or storm damage.  
  • Specialty Property – Specialty property insurance can provide additional protection for items such as expensive tools and equipment that may not be covered under a standard homeowners’ policy.  

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How Much Does Home Insurance Cost? 

The cost of home insurance will vary depending on several factors, including the value of your detached garage, its contents, and the amount and type of coverage selected. Generally speaking, it’s wise to purchase enough coverage so that you are adequately protected against any potential losses or damages that could occur in the future.  

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