What Information Should You Have Available When Reporting an Auto Insurance Accident to Your Auto Insurer?

Suppose you have never been involved in an accident before. In that case, one of the questions you may have when an accident occurs is what information you need to have available when reporting that accident to your auto insurance company. At eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty LLC, providing auto insurance in the greater Oakland Park, FL region, we are frequently asked this question and want to help you prepare to file an auto insurance claim. Here are some of the crucial bits of information you should have available. 

Your Policy Information

Anytime you file a claim with your auto insurer, you should have your policy number available. Having your policy number available is necessary if you are filing a claim online or through an app. If you are filing a claim in person or via the phone, the insurance agent may be able to pull up your policy through other information, but having the policy number helps expedite the process. 

Information Pertaining to the Other Driver

Another critical bit of information you need to have is information about the other driver or vehicle that hit you. Ideally, you should have information such as the other driver’s name, license number, insurance policy provider and policy number, type of vehicle involved in the accident, and the vehicle’s license plate in the accident. 

Information About the Accident Itself

Lastly, be prepared to explain your version of the events that led to the accident. Ideally, it would be best if you jotted down what happened as quickly as possible after the accident so you do not forget key pieces of information or fail to convey this to the insurance agent. 

Having the correct information on hand can speed up the auto insurance claim intake process. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy to ensure you are fully covered in the event an accident happens, eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty LLC, serving the greater Oakland Park, FL area, would love to help you. Contact us now to get started.