When Should I Upgrade My Home Insurance in Fort Lauderdale?

Upgrading your home insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL is probably necessary for far more people than you realize. In fact, the vast majority of people are underinsured and they don’t even know it. The last thing you need is to find out that your policy doesn’t cover something after it’s too late, which is why Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC is here to give you a few reminders. 

When Your Home Has Changed 

Your home doesn’t stay the same after you move in. You might replace the roof, you buy more furniture for it. Whether you’ve changed the fixtures in the bathroom or purchased an engagement ring, it may make a difference in terms of your coverage. Each home insurance policy will have its own limits placed within the fine print, and those limits are based on the original information that your carrier had at the time you opened the policy. So if you’ve made major adjustments, your policy might need a rewrite.

When You Want More 

Sometimes homeowners just want more coverage based on what they know about the world. If you live in Fort Lauderdale FL, you might choose to get a rider added on to your policy, so you can rest easy about whatever’s ahead. For instance, if you want flood insurance or if you decide that you want more coverage on your personal belongings. 

Call Today 

If you have questions about whether your insurance could use an upgrade, Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC is here to help you figure it out. We base our advice on not only what’s listed in your current policy, but also what’s important to you Give us a call today and we can start working for you and your family.