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Umbrella Insurance in Florida

Umbrella insurance is an additional policy that either extends or enhances coverage of other insurance policies. Umbrella insurance is helpful when situations arise that are not covered by other insurance or when the claim exceeds the policy limits of the other policies.

A few examples of how umbrella insurance is helpful include:

  • To cover the part of a lawsuit judgment award that other polices do not cover
  • To cover issues that are special circumstances, which may not have coverage in other policies, such as libel and slander.
  • To extend product liability coverage.
  • To have broader coverage with less exclusions.

In the state of Florida, anyone can sue the party that is “at-fault.” Even the “no-fault” auto insurance laws in Florida only prevent lawsuits from vehicle accidents where the injuries are not permanent and the medical bills are less than $10,000. If someone is permanently injured or dies in vehicle accident the party at-fault for causing the accident may face a lawsuit.

This is why having umbrella insurance protection in the State of Florida is so important.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance policies add additional insurance protection on top of existing home, automobile, and boat insurance. Usually those who benefit the most are wealthy individuals, like many who live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Retirees in Fort Lauderdale, FL use umbrella insurance to protect the assets they spent a lifetime accumulating.

eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty, LLC recommends that individuals conduct an annual review of insurance coverage and make adjustments that are more frequent when circumstances change in a material way.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Businesses face more litigation risk because of their interface with the public. Some business types, such as those in the construction industry and operating food service establishments, have more lawsuit risk than other businesses.

Getting umbrella insurance coverage with the help of eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty, LLC let’s business owners sleep well at night, knowing that they will not risk losing everything if they face a lawsuit or major disaster.

Contact eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty, LLC for any umbrella insurance needs. They are a well-established independent insurance agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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