Protecting Your Home From The Elements In Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL is a prime contender for best weather in the world. It gets a little rough around hurricane season, sure, but that’s a fair trade for Winters that feel like Summer and never being more than a short drive away from the beach. All that sun and salty air is great for the skin, it’s great for your health, but… it’s not always so easy on your home. Here’s what you need to look out for in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  • Salty air. Salty air can do a lot of damage to the paint finish on a house, but it can also hurt the foundation. Salt tends to cling to the surface, creating a fuzzy layer that needs to be scrubbed away periodically. Protective finishes can help, but regular cleaning will help to keep the salt from chewing away at the wood in your home. You may also want to invest in vinyl siding rather than metal, which can rust very quickly.
  • Heat. If you have an attic, install some vents and fans in it to keep it well ventilated. The sun can beat down on a roof and cause the roofing material to crack, and it can build heat up in the attic, which overheats the rest of the house and drives your power bill up by forcing the A/C to work overtime.
  • Expansion and contraction. Florida tends to stay warm all year round, but there are some cold nights in December now and then (not many, but it gets below freezing a few times a year). Foam insulation can help to slow the expanding and contracting.

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