3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Auto Insurance Could Do

In the state of Florida, all vehicles with four or more wheels are required to have auto insurance. Minimum insurance coverage protects motorists from damaging accidents.

Auto insurance policies come with a variety of options and additions. With the guidance of a local insurance agent, you can customize the perfect policy for your needs.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing policy, here is a list of options you might not know about.

Rental Cars

A car accident can disrupt your daily routine for a long time. Rental cars can help you resume normal activities more quickly.

The insurance experts at Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL can make it even more convenient. If you need a rental car as the result of an accident, your fees could be covered.

Tow Truck

Mechanical troubles don’t have to ruin your day. Many insurance companies contract with local tow drivers and services to offer their members special discounts and priority attention. Talk to your agent before you take off on your next road trip.

Tow truck coverage also covers removing your vehicle from the scene of an accident if it becomes undrivable.

Additional Equipment

Whether you spent the last few years restoring a classic car to mint condition or installed a wheelchair lift in your minivan, customized vehicles can be difficult to insure. Many policies do not cover equipment and features that did not come from the manufacturer. An additional equipment option will ensure that your special vehicle is adequately protected.

Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC offers customized auto insurance policies in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Contact an insurance expert to find out how to make your insurance policy go the extra mile for you.