Commercial Insurance for Fort Lauderdale, FL Business Owners

Your business is an essential establishment like your home, and you need to understand how to protect your business. As a Fort Lauderdale business owner, you have different commercial insurance options. Here are the facts you need to know regarding business insurance and why it’s essential.

Commercial Insurance Options for Fort Lauderdale Business Owners

As a Fort Lauderdale business owner, your commercial insurance options include:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance – this type of insurance is similar to the auto insurance required for personal vehicles. The coverage options for commercial auto insurance includes liability and collision and comprehensive coverage. These auto insurance coverage options protect your commercial vehicle if you are involved in a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. Another auto coverage option includes medical payments for uninsured motorists, which takes effect if you are involved in an accident involving your commercial vehicle, and the other driver does not have any or enough insurance coverage.

General Liability Insurance – This type of commercial insurance is necessary if someone sues your business. In the event you are sued, your general liability insurance policy prevents the lawsuit from resulting in a financial disaster. This commercial liability insurance provides financial protection for your business if you are sued.

Workers Compensation Insurance – if one of your employees is hurt on company property or while out on a job, they will require compensation for their injuries. As a business owner in Florida, you are required to have workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance is necessary because it prevents you from enduring the litigation process, and the process for the employee is easier. Having workers comp insurance is designed to help you pay fixed monetary awards to your employees. 

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