5 Factors to Consider Before Getting Home Insurance in Florida

Getting homeowner insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL is similar to other states. However, there are factors to consider that are unique to Florida.

Hurricane Damage

Florida is prone to hurricanes. After a major hurricane, building resources can surge in cost due to the heavy demand for these materials. It is important to make sure your insurance company has the fiscal resources to cover extensive damage after a hurricane. 

Speed of Responding to Claims

Your insurance company should be able to rapidly respond to your needs after a major event. A good insurance provider will have the physical and fiscal resources to provide the help you need after a flood or hurricane. Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC is one such company that goes above and beyond for clients.

Quick Response to Questions

An unresponsive insurance company is unacceptable, especially after a disaster. It’s imperative your insurance provider is easy to get a hold of when you have important questions that need answers. If they are consistently unavailable, this may be a sign of a sub-par insurance company.

Flexible Options

Having an insurance company that offers flexible options for individual coverage can help those who have very specific insurance needs. This can be an important factor when choosing your insurance company.

Financially Stable Insurance Company

When choosing your homeowner’s insurance, finding out how financially stable they are can be a wise move. A quality insurance company will be able to handle big claims if they are financially stable. Check out their Demotech rating to get an idea of how stable they are and how quickly they can pay out claims.

Give us a call at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC of Fort Lauderdale, FL to discuss your insurance needs. Our agents are here to help you understand the ins and outs of homeowner’s insurance. Your home is a big investment and it is a good idea to protect that investment with quality insurance. Stop in or give us a call today.