Does commercial insurance cover hurricane damage?

At eAdvisorPro Property & Casualty LLC, we want you to understand what your commercial insurance covers and what it does not. Your Oakland Park, FL, business receives some pretty wide-ranging protection from a standard commercial building insurance policy, but it doesn’t cover all of the damage a hurricane causes.

Flood Damage

Hurricane storm surge and heavy rains cause flooding, but commercial insurance does not cover that damage. Only flood insurance covers flood damage. You can add a commercial flood insurance policy to ensure that you have full insurance.

Wind Damage

Typically, a commercial building insurance policy does cover wind damage. Strong winds, even hurricane-strength winds, remain covered.

What about water damage caused by wind damage? This falls in a different category than rising water flood damage. With this type of water damage, the standard commercial building policy does cover. If the wind ripped off your roof and water gets in the hole in the roof, the policy covers that.

Damage to Glass

Your business’s lovely plate glass windows do not receive coverage under your building insurance. You’ll need a glass policy to cover damage to windows. The same policy covers mirrors and glass windows in doors inside your building.

Covering When You Can’t Operate Your Business

You need to add a business interruption insurance rider to cover your business’s inability to operate during a business interruption. A business interruption refers to any event that precludes you from running your business. It includes hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos, fires, and other unexpected events. The rider provides coverage for typical business expenses.

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